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3D Printers make a variety of objects using a laser that move along an X, Y and Z axis to build an object in three dimensions. 3D printing is considered the future of print and manufacturing, and is set to dramatically change the way we buy and produce products in the future.

Browse our selection of 3D printed jewelry, home decor, tech accessories, toys & games, and more. No matter the occasion or budget, there is something for everyone in our gallery of 3D printed products. Whatever your goal–outfitting an occasion or adding to your obsession of collectibles — Real3D Printing has you covered.

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Prototype Supply 3mm ABS Purple 3D Printing Filament, 1kg (2.2 pounds)

Prototype Supply C1 series 3D printing filament – for demanding FDM applications

3D Printer operators looking for high-quality printed objects with better dimensional control, excellent layer adhesion, and a wide selection of colors are using Prototype Supply C1 3D printing filament.

Prototype Supply C1 filament is made especially for the needs of professional-quality 3D printing:

  • Manufactured specifically for use with 3D printers, not industrial plastic welding
  • High dimensional stability for improved accuracy.
  • Excellent melt and adhesion properties.
  • Wide spool diameter for straighter filament.
  • Greater selection of colors to choose from.

ABS 3.00mm
Compatible with:

  • Makerbot Thing-o-Matic w/ Mk6 Stepstruder, CupCake
  • Ultimaker 2
  • Other printers with 3 mm compatible extruders and hot-ends, having a heated print bed

Also compatible with 3Doodler 3D pen.

Product Features

  • 3D Printing Filament, Plastic, ABS, 3.00 mm diameter, 1.0 kg (Net Weight). Purple (Opaque)
  • High quality filament manufactured specifically for professional quality 3D printing.
  • Wide-core spool reduces extrusion difficulty caused by tightly coiled filament. 53-mm (2.1 inch) diameter mounting hole.
  • For Ultimaker 2, Deezmaker Bukobot, MendelMax and other printers with a heated print bed that accept 3.00 mm filament.
  • Not recommended for printers without a heated print bed.

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Fargo 3D Printing 100633 MakerBot Replicator 2 Aluminum Carriage

This Aluminum Carriage is an upgrade/replacement for the stock plastic carriage on the MakerBot Replicator 1 and 2 single extruder machines. It is engineered to support printing temperatures beyond 260C for PC, Nylon, and other materials. Also compatible (but not tested) with some Flash Forge, CTC, MBot3D, & Wanhao 3D printers. Assembly includes: x1 Aluminum Carriage x4 Set Screws x1 Timing Belt Clip x1 Timing Belt Set Screw x2 Linear Bearing Shims.

Product Features

  • Upgrade For Stock Plastic Part
  • Complete Kit
  • Engineered To Support Printing Temps Beyond 260C
  • Compatible And Tested With MakerBot Replicator 2

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BuMat ABSDG 1.75mm 2.2lbs Dark Green Filament Printing Material Supply Spool for 3D Printer

BuMat Filament is the best, safest, and most consistent filament for your 3D Printer. This is the highest quality components for producing successful 3D print. It is compatible with all 1.75mm Printer like Flash Forge USA, RepRap, Rapman, Makerbot, BFB 3000, Rostock, Ultimaker Printrbot, Makibox, Buccaneer, Kossel, Mendel and many other printers.

Product Features

  • 1.75mm ABS at 2.2 lb. (1KG)
  • User defined melting temperature at between 190 – 220 C
  • Diameter of the filament: 1.75mm
  • Easy to use and performs well on most prints
  • Air Tight Sealed in a plastic bag

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honour fashion Women’s/men’s Emoji 3D Cute Cartoon Sweatpants Joggers Small AS Picture6

Size Measurement

S Waist: 62 cm Hipline: 98 cm Length: 102 cm

M Waist: 66 cm Hipline: 104 cm Length: 104 cm

L Waist: 70 cm Hipline: 110 cm Length: 106 cm

XL Waist: 74 cm Hipline: 116 cm Length: 108 cm

Attention: The size of the product is measured in asian standard which is generally smaller than US standard. Please compare your vital statistics to the size measurement in the description before purchase.

Product Features

  • The size of the product is measured in asian standard which is generally smaller than US standard. Please compare your vital statistics to the size measurement in the description before purchase.
  • Please allow 0-2cm difference due to manual measurement and choose size carefully according to size information when you place order
  • A part of the print in the product is 3d
  • Gender: Suitable for Women/Men,Girl/Boy
  • two side printed popular cartoon pattern, clear and fastness

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