MK7 Teeth Extruder Gear With M4 Screw For 3D Printer

MK7 Teeth Extruder Gear With M4 Screw For 3D PrinterFeature:Extruder special for gear. Inner hole diameter: 5mm Outside diameter: 12mm Length: 13mm Modulus: 0.3 The screws: M4 hexagonalPackage included:1 x MK7 teeth gear

Product Features

  • Package Contains One Item

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BIQU Heat Bed Power Module Expansion Hot Bed MOS Tube for 3D Printer

Package Included:
1*Heat bed Power Module

Product Features

  • Under the premise of normal cooling, it work stable under I(Max)=25A, the current must not exceed 25A while the process working
  • Completely solve the hot bed power is too large and the load current issue
  • Dimensions: 60*50mm
  • Net Weight: 25g

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T&B Gt2 2 Meters Timing Belt and 2 X Aluminum 20t 8mm Pulleys Set for Reprap 3d Printer Prusa i3 Kossel Rostock TAZ MendelMax etc

Package Contents:
2 pcs GT2 Timing Belt Pulleys with 20 Teeth
2 Meters of 6mm Wide 2mm Pitch GT2 Timing Belt

Product Features

  • √Aluminum Pulleys for 5mm diameter shafts (NEMA 17 stepper motors).
  • √GT2 belt length:2m,width:6mm Stretch Resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Neoprene Rubber
  • √High positioning accuracy and repetability.
  • √GT2 Timing Belt System designed for linear motion and precision.

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Mitus ABS Filament 3mm (2.85mm) 1 kg for 3D Printing, Made in the USA, Blue

Mitus brand ABS filament is superior quality ABS designed for ultra smooth and reliable printing in 3D printers. ABS is the gold standard in 3D printing, renowned for its high strength. Mitus brand filaments are produced using only 100% virgin materials resulting in superior quality filament. One common problem with cheaper China made filament is the rampant use of cheap plastic fillers such as calcium carbonate, which makes ABS very brittle and leads to extruder clogs. Mitus brand filament combines the highest grade raw materials with leading precision equipment. In fact, all Mitus brand filament is measured during extrusion with an industry leading four laser micrometers which controls the diameter and roundness, producing a tolerance of +/- 0.03mm. Another common problem with China made brands are the voids or cavities in the middle of the filament which cause uneven printing and even failures. Mitus brand filament is guaranteed to be void and cavity free.

All Mitus ABS filaments are produced with vibrant and rich colors, each being thoroughly tested and evenly distributed. Every Mitus color has a pantone color chip number for exact reproducibility. All Mitus ABS spools comes with a net weight of 1 kg ABS. Each Mitus ABS spool comes vacuum sealed with 99.98% of moisture removed and includes a desiccant pack for extra protection. The spool features a unique double zipper storage bag which allows for the reuse and storage of the ABS spool after opening. Mitus brand guarantees complete satisfaction with every filament spool.

  • Diameter: 2.85mm +/- 0.03mm
  • Net weight: 1kg
  • Proudly made in America

Special printing note – Depending on the 3D printer used, a slight increase in flow rate from 100 to 110-140 may be required. Additionally, some 3D printers will extrude more smoothly with a 5°C increase in temperature, from 240°C to 245°C for darker colors and 235°C to 240°C for lighter colors.

Product Features

  • 100% virgin material without cheap plastic fillers or regrind
  • ABS Print Extrusion Temperature: 230 – 245°C
  • Quad laser micrometer for controlling diameter and roundness tolerances, within +/- .03mm
  • Pantone color: PQ-BLUE072C and hex color code: 10069f
  • Proudly made in the USA

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ALUNAR Full Assembled Extruder Set Hot End for RepRap Prusa I3 3D Printer for 1.75mm Filament with 12V Extruder 0.3mm Nozzle Heatcable and Thermistor Barrel Tube Heat Block

12V version with 40W heater cable.
DIY 3D printer extruder hotend requires heat sink to operate properly – metal base, aluminum block, or any other type of cooling device.
Thermistor mounted with clamping screws
DIY Assembled 3D Printer Extruder Hotend


30mm long stainless updated barrel tube, for low friction, trouble free print.
Nozzle is can be exchanged or replaced with many different types of nozzles in the market.
This will offer you good selection of nozzle orifice diameters.
Low profile: only about 43 mm high.
NTC 3950 100K pre-wired thermistor.

NTC 3950 Thermistor parameters:

Small in Size: 1.25mmx2.0mm glass bead High accuracy: 1%
Resistance value at 25C=100K
Wiring insulation: high temperature teflon/PTFE
Wiring length: 1 meter

Package Included:

1 x 0.3mm brass nozzle
1 x Stainless updated barrel tube
1 x Aluminum updated heater block with necessary screws
1 x 12V 40W Cartridge Heater Cable
1 x NTC 3950 Pre-wired thermistor

Product Features

  • Reprap Prusa I3 3D Printer (Assembled Extruder)
  • Stainless updated barrel tube for trouble free, low friction print,much solid quality
  • Pre-wired NTC3950 thermistor to the updated heater block
  • Use it with heatsink or cooled metal base
  • Plenty of MK8 clone nozzles compatible with this hotend – nozzle replacement is easy

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