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3D Printers make a variety of objects using a laser that move along an X, Y and Z axis to build an object in three dimensions. 3D printing is considered the future of print and manufacturing, and is set to dramatically change the way we buy and produce products in the future.

Browse our selection of 3D printed jewelry, home decor, tech accessories, toys & games, and more. No matter the occasion or budget, there is something for everyone in our gallery of 3D printed products. Whatever your goal–outfitting an occasion or adding to your obsession of collectibles — Real3D Printing has you covered.

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LOVEdecal 3D Black Carbon Fibre Full Body Skin Sticker IPhone 5 3M

Fashion¡¢personalized and high resolution designed sticker make your Apple device amazing and unique.

the sitcker can be easily applied and removed without any residue

Super-thin skin with only 0.3MM thickness supply enough protection for your beloved device, to keep it far away from dust,oil,water,finger print and others.

Precious cut for a guaranteed fit and Smart desgin allows easy access to all buttons. controls & posts.

Compatible with : Apple iPhone 5

This is only a soft skin sticker but not a hard case or cover.

High quality Vinyl material: 3M

Package include: one sticker,one cardboard with introduction

Product Features

  • skins are made of premium automotive-grade cast vinyl with a special adhesive backing to prevent air bubbles during installation and leave no residue when removed. Our skins are strong but super thin, measuring about 5 mil total – or five thousandths (0.005) of an inch – that’s thin! It also means they’ll work with just about any kind of dock, charger or case on the market
  • ?skin kits can be installed by just about anyone and do not require any expertise or special tools. When it’s time for a change, simply peel it off and apply a new one!
  • We use state-of-the-art large format printers and full-colour UV resistant inks to deliver vibrant, photo quality images on every skin. After printing, skins are covered with a clear protective coating in your choice of finishes.
  • High quality Vinyl material: 3M
  • The normal scuffs, nicks and scratches that make the surfaces of a device look worn are a thing of the past where it’s covered with our durable skins. They provide lightweight protection without adding weight or bulk to your favourite devices.

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Weston library has 3D printer for public use

The Weston library has a 3D printer.

The Weston library has a 3D printer.

The Weston Public Library’s 3D printer is now available for public use.

Weston residents may schedule appointments for both training on the 3D printer and for printing files by emailing [email protected] All patrons wishing to use the 3D printer must attend an orientation session and review and sign the 3D printing policy available at

New to 3D printing? Not sure what you want to print? Weston’s 3D printer can print any file in STL format, although the library does require that files be no larger than 25MB and take less than five hours to print.

Free downloads of STL files to get you started are available online through websites such as and

There is no charge to use the 3D printer, as all supplies have been provided courtesy of the Weston Public Library board of trustees.

For more information about the library and its programs, visit or call 203-222-2665.

Makeblock Makeblock Constructor I 3D Printer Kit

Makeblock Constructor I 3D Printer DIY Kit is an open source, based on i3 aluminum frame 3D printer kit. The original inspiration for this kit from the open source community, the makers want to use Makeblock Aluminium mechanical parts to build 3D printer’s frame. And matching with Electronics (RAMPS1.4 shield, Mega2560 compatible board) and software (Slic3r,Printrun), you can get high-quality prints and extreme precision, XY Resolution: 0.1mm, Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.3mm. You can enjoy so much fun from DIY your own 3D printer and even use it for prototyping, printing art craft, models, sculptures or toys.

Product Features

  • Frame: Anodized aluminum Extruder: All metal, temperatures up to 250 degrees Celcius Physical Dimensions: 324mm X 312mm X400mm Print Materials: 1.75mm PLA Build Volume (WxDxH): 125mm x 165mm x 120mm
  • XY Resolution: 0.1mm Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.3mm Print Bed: Not heated Speed: Print speed general 40mm/s, max 100mm/s Power: 110-240 VAC Power adapter, 12V/10A
  • Software: Slic3r+Printrun,Cura,kisslicer,MatterControl,Skeinforge Firmware: Marlin LCD shows useful information about the progress of a print that just finished Supports file type: STL Connections: USB&SD Card Electronics: RAMPS1.4 shield + Mega2560 comaptible board

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