New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer Entry Bundle – Includes 3 Spools of Filament and a 3-Pack of Print Surface Plates

The New Matter MOD-t is the most elegantly simple desktop 3D printer, providing the highest quality and reliability for use at home and in the classroom. With levels of quiet operation, safety, and customer support that are unmatched by any other desktop 3D printer, the MOD-t is the perfect fit for consumers, professionals, and students alike.

Product Features

  • Elegantly Simple – Easy setup allows you to begin 3D printing within 20 minutes
  • WiFi Enabled – Print wirelessly from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • High Quality Reliability – Expect a higher print success rate and resolutions as fine as 50 microns
  • Eco-Friendly PLA – Print with high quality, eco-friendly PLA filament in an array of vibrant colors
  • Unlimited Support – Experience unlimited phone, email, and chat support for the life of your MOD-t

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  • SW

    Very satisfied

  • Anonymous

    Great experience. Did a lot of research to buy a first 3D printer as a b-day present for my 10-yr old son. Within an hour of opening the package, we were on our way to printing. He has done several prints of his own creation without a glitch so far. Set-up is incredibly simple (although inserting the filament was the trickiest part). Loved the how-to videos, VERY useful. Don’t know about any other printers, but this has met expectations, I am sure it is a great entry level printer and for the…

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