Athorbot 3D Printing Build Surface, Black (Pack of 3) (310mm X 310mm) for CR-10 CR-10S 3D printer

Size: 310x310mm
Color: Black
Maxmum temperature: 200℃
Package content: 3x printing build surface
Package size:37.6×34.4×0.4cm
Package weight:0.37kg

Product Features

  • 1.Excellent adhesion: easy to install and no bubbles, print adheres well
  • 2.Easy to take off: take off easily and cleanly
  • 3.Great durability: can be used for many times of cycle print
  • 4.Work on many surface: apply to many 3d filament types printing, such as PLA, ABS and so on
  • 5.Withstand high temperature: resistant to high temperatures making it perfect for the filaments requiring heated build beds such as ABS

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  • Anonymous

    Looked around Amazon for awhile for the best value printing surface for my CR-10 Mini (300x220x300). I knew i had to cut it with the odd size, and this seemed the best match. Applying it was super simple, just peel and stick, I find curling it onto the bed to be the easiest method, and if you do have air bubbles. its also easy to squeegee the bubble out with a scraper or ruler. I then trimmed the edges and it came out perfect.Now the important part, does it stick. I primarily print…

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