Ergo 3D Tobacco Hopper and Handle Bundle for Powermatic 2 and 2+ Cigarette Rolling Machine

This is a bundled listing to help you save on shipping fees. This contains two items 1) Ergo 3D Handle includes two-piece handle and a Philips head screw. 2) Also included is the Ergo 3D Hopper, shown in pictures above. Ergo 3D Handle info: The 3D printed Ergo Handle solves that challenge by making the handle longer/wider and thus easier to pull down. Simply fasten the two pieces together with the included screw. Only takes around 10 sec. Do not over-tighten the screw past snug. The two pieces lock together and will last the life of your machine. Each Ergo 3D Handle takes about 1-2 hrs to make on our 3D printer here in Allentown. Combine with our Ergo 3D Hopper to make for a truly Zen like experience while making cigarettes… and save 10x the money over buying packs or cartons from the store. Ergo 3D Hopper info: Ergo 3D Tobacco hopper holds enough tobacco to make around a pack and half to two packs of cigarettes when sitting atop a Powermatic 2 cigarette injection machine. We 3D print these to order here in Allentown, Pennsylvania and they take around 3~4 hours to make. We include a small tube of super glue so you can affix it onto the loading insert. The hopper makes quick work of rolling your own and will save you lots of time. (Refilling the machine stock takes much longer and makes a mess.) If you choose, apply a few drops of the included super glue on the outside of the left and right edges at the base to make it extra snug. There is no need to put any along the back side of the hopper. Happy rolling and saving 10x the cost of buying them in a store. P.S. We highly suggest using King’s vs 100’s, as you don’t have to pack the injector well as much. Recent reviews: Great product! Very happy!! kenger65 5/18 AAA+++ taz12tg 3/18 I couldn’t be more satisfied. I totally love the hopper. zafreebird 3/18 Good product, thank you davieira2011 2/18 Very nice, fits good zsteel55 2/18 Excellent, hopper squanto-99 2/18

Product Features

  • Bundled listing for Hopper and Handle to help you save
  • Faster operation due to less refilling of hopper – Easier lever control
  • Includes super glue for optimal performance
  • Maximize capacity, yet still allows tobacco to flow freely
  • Powermatic Injector sold separately – Ergo 3D Hopper and Handle is Made in USA

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