HE3D 1.75mm Titan Extruder Full Kit for FDM 3D Printer accessory bowden mounting bracket supporting remote/short printing

1 We have assembled the Titan extruder , you can install it with the motor directly
2 This Titan extruder hotend driver feeder is for 1.75mm filament
3 It is gear extruder

Product Features

  • 1 It is very light and compact. it can use lighter motor,any Bowden-type 3D printer can become a powerful, reliable little beast
  • 2 t is easy to manually squeeze, remove, load and unload Filament
  • 3 You only need a hex wrench, you will be able to within a minute to remove the Titan, regardless of the opening and assembly are very easy and fast.

Detailed Information available on our Homepage…


  • Danal

    Excellent customer service after a broken tooth. Chipped a tooth off of the big gear after about two days of use.Bummer, because there were things about it that I liked better than the genuine Titan, such as the hob in this version is toothed along its entire length. This works better than the original “down in a channel”.Anyway, had to take it off, broke the big gear, nothing unusual in use. PLA filament, a large-ish delta printer, etc, etc.Guess it is time for a Bondtech.Edit: The…

  • Javier Espada

    love the idea of a more economical solution but makes …

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