Ivelink 3mm Heating Block Cotton and Kapton Tape Adhesive Gold Tape Heat High Temperature Resistant for 3D Printer (11Pcs, 12mm 33mm)

Specification of Heating block cotton
Material: cotton
Size: 62mm*20*2mm +/-0.2mm

Specification of Kapton
Material: durable polyimide and silicone
Temperature resistance:-50℃ to 280℃

Safety Guide

Keep away from small children
This Heater Block Cotton in normal working, may be appear some slight smoke, and the color will turn into dark brown and black is normal, it will not burn! please feel relieved to use
Must pay attention to the Safe working temperature of the 3D printer’s consumable and accessories, May cause high temperature hazards
PLA (190°C-230°C)
ABS (230°C-250°C)

10*heating block cottons
1*Heat Resistant adhesive tape

Product Features

  • Heating block cotton is made from heat-resistant ceramic fiber
  • Polyimide Tape is thin and conformable enabling masking of uneven surface
  • Heating cotton work as high as 900 degree,Tape is high of 250 degree
  • High performance, reliability and durability, with a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties
  • This heat insulation cotton is used for 3D printer nozzle keeping warm

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