Wangdd22 3D Printer Accessories 4pcs/lot 38 Tooth Mold Steel Linear Extruder Filament Drive Gear for Planetary Gear Extruder


Inner diameter: 5mm
Outer diameter: 10.8mm
Height: 12mm
Teeth: 38 teeth

Mounting holes: M3

Shipping list:
4pcs 38 Tooth Mold Steel Linear

Product Features

  • 100%brand and new
  • CNC wire cutting.
  • Durable wear resistant.
  • Mold steel gear is a high-quality gear that have better effect than the brass ones.

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  • Soul_Doubt

    Very nice. These wheels fit perfectly into the Mk8 and a “Modified” Mk8 extruder with minimal impact to volume calibrations. Beyond the perfect fit, I don’t think that these wheels will ever wear. I’ve worn grooves in several of the OEM style brass wheels leading to undependable extrusion. These are hard, sharp, and have a wonderfully “grabby” surface finish that works well across all the filaments that I have fed through my printers.I will be purchasing several more, not…

  • Nicholas Champlin

    Better than the Rest for Hard Filaments These are the best I’ve found, and I’ve tried everything on amazon plus others. Fits my MK10 extruder without issue. I use a hard, abrasive filament (CF PETG) which requires sharp, deep, durable teeth. I have only logged about 30 machine hours on these so far, so I can’t speak to their long-term performance, but I can say with certainty that this is by far the best performing pulley of the 6 I’ve tried. Most of the pulleys I’ve tried dull within hours and give spotty performance thereafter. I…

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