Anycubic All Metal Right Hand MK8 Extruder Aluminum Frame Block DIY Kit for Reprap i3 3D Printer

Package List:

1*MK8 Extruder Mounting Bracket(right hand version)

Product Features

  • MK8 extruder aluminum block DIY kit
  • Makerbot dedicated double nozzle (Right nozzle)
  • Extrusion head aluminum block For Reprap i3
  • Ship via USPS with tracking number,7-13 days to arrive USA

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  • Scott Barnes

    Don’t waste your time. (Updated) Mounting hole pattern doesn’t accurately enough line up with the NEMA17 hole pattern. No washer to act as a spacer for the idler bearing. Missing hardware meant no actual way to mount it to a motor in the first place. Poor finish, ugly color. Don’t bother with this. Get one of the red and black ones from one of the chinese sellers on ebay.Update (4/27/2016): After leaving my initial review the seller contacted me and let me know that they had recently tweaked the dimensions slightly…

  • Andrew Lackofi

    Having spring tension for the gripper is the best way to go These are the only type of extruder I will go with these days. I have tried a bunch and you can not beat the all metal construction! Plastic warps and bends which caused my Bowden setup to click and misfeed on my prints. Bolts right up and everything is included. Having spring tension for the gripper is the best way to go. Even the best filament varies in thickness, if the tensioner is locked it will either bite too deep into the raw filament causing feeding issues down the tube or not bite…

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