Sunhokey Prusa i4 3D Printer DIY Kit With 2Rolls+2Nozzles+SD Card For free

Build volume: 210 x210x190mm
Layer resolution: 0.1-0.5mm
Setting accuracy: XY:0.02 Z:0.02
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Printing Filament type: PLA, ABS, Wood-Polymer, PVA and so on.
Operating system: Windows/Mac/Linux
Control software: Repetier-Host
File format: .STL, G-code
Max heated bed temperature: about 100°C
Max extruder temperature: about 270°C
Input Voltage:50/60HZ 220V/120V
Output Voltage:24V
Connectivity: USB, SD card (support stand-alone printing)
Print technology: FDM.
3D printer Package:
1.All Assembly Units
3. 2 Roll filaments(Gross weight 1kg/roll.)
4.The default plug of power supply is in US standard

Product Features

  • 2 rolls filament +2Nozzles+ SD card as gift.
  • Tutorials Manual included, make it much easier to use; 6 months warranty for 3D printer is available.
  • 24V for Heatbed and Extruder
  • Software ” Repetier host” included
  • Support for many Filament Types: PLA, ABS, Wood-Polymer, PVA and so on

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  • Randy

    Fantastic Printers! I have many 3d printers, But the i4’s made and sold by Sunhokey is by far the best printers I have. I have two of them now and will have my 3rd Sunhokey i4 in a couple of weeks. Both my i4’s have been running 20 – 24 hours a day almost every single day for almost 2 years. When purchasing one on Amazon, this is the printer to purchase… Directly from Sunhokey and fulfilled by Amazon. Sunhokey is the manufacturer of the i4. Unlike other printer manufacturers or manufacturer middle men, if you…

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