Taulman 3D TECH-G 3D Printing Filament, 1.75 mm, 1 kg

1kg of 1.75mm Taulman TECH-G filament. TECH-G is an FDA approved high strength PETG filament designed specifically by Taulman for design engineering and architectural use. TECH-G has an amazing tensile strength of 5900 PSI with a limited elongation of 3% when 3D printed. Nozzle = any size Print speed = ABS speeds – slower for high detailed prints Retraction = .5mm/.1mm nozzle or for a .5mm nozzle = 2.5mm Print bed = Hot = Glass heated to 45C with coat of PVA NOTE: It is best “NOT” to let the bed cool to ambient, but only down to 35C in end of g-code. This will reduce glass breakage.

Product Features

  • Print temp = 238C – 245C
  • Ultraclear PETG filament
  • No odors when printing
  • Opacity: 7%
  • Combines the ease of printing PLA with a functionality and strength that rivals ABS.

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