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PLASFIL Red 3D Printer Filament, Vacuumed Sealed 1.75mm PLA PRO (PLA+) Printing Filament, 1KG Spool, +/- 0.03 mm Dimensional Accuracy, Low Odor

PLASFIL PLA Pro (PLA+) 3D Printer Filament is The Best Choice to Achieve Your Creative Ideas and Concepts! PLA Pro (PLA+) is much stronger than PLA. Give you a more comfortable printing experience! SPECIFICATIONS: 1. Total length: 300m (984.25 Feet) 2. Filament diameter: 1.75 mm (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm) 3. Net weight: 1KG (2.2lbs) including spool 4. 100% Zero – Bubble 5. Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature: 215°C-220 °C. The best TEMP depends on different 3D printers. NOTE: 1. The vase is not included , only for display […]

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Ifun 3D printing filament Carbon Fiber which compatible with all major 3D printers 1.75 mm 1KG(2.2LB) black -Quality raw material- Top Dimensional Accuracy +/-0.03 mm for your wonderful masterpiece

Parameter:Printing recommendation:typical rangerExtrude temperature:220-240℃Printing speed:30-100mm/sBed temperature:100-120℃Diameter:1.75mmNozzle: we currently recommend minimum 0.4mm Weight:1KGGross weight:1.4KGDensity:1.29g/Glass transition temperature:60℃Melt index:4.5g/10minTensile strength:31.2MpaElongation at break:6.3%Bending strength:40.2MpaBending modulus:2200MpaIzod impact notched:5.5KJ/ MHeat distortion temperature:57℃Flammability:HB classPrinting recommendationExtruder temperature:210-230℃Printing speed:30-100mm/sBed temperature:room temperature-50℃Layer Height:0.1-0.2mmInfill: As needed up to 100%Matters need attention:General printing Product Features The raw materials of carbon fiber are imported from Japan Toray corporation.Premium quality raw material.Good flexibility and Better physical performance than usual ABS or PLA filament, High stiffness and toughness and Surface durability. Because of the carbon fiber composition, the strength of the material […]

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3D Solutech PLA175NNYBLU 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 2.2 lb. (1.0KG) – 100% USA, 1.75 mm, PLA, Blue

Ultra smooth technologyOur ultra smooth technology includes filaments capable of beautiful and smooth extraction to help build even the most delicate objects.Vacuum sealedWe use vacuum-sealed packaging to isolate the moisturized environment and filament, and provide the best performance possible.High compatabilityOur filaments have been tested on various 3d printer brands, receiving widespread and positive customer feedback.100% USA100% of the materials used in our products are grown and made in the USA.3D Solutech is a professional filament manufacturer specializing in providing a wide range of colors and materials for […]

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TIANSE Fluorescent Yellow PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm 1KG Spool Filament for 3D Printing, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm

High quality 1.75mm White PLA filament . Product Description Material: PLA Color: Black Weight: 1KG (approximately 2.2 lbs) Diameter: 1.75mm Tolerance: +/- 0.02mm Print temperature: 190°C – 220°C (374°F – 428°F ) Print speed: 50-100mm/s Platform temperature: No Need Bubble: 100% no-bubble About Tianse 3D Printing Supplies: Choose Tianse and start your amazing 3D journey! •PLA has low shrinkage rate, even print larger models perform well. •Density is small, when printing larger volume model lighter, economical. •Manufactured to very tight tolerances and a wide extruder temperature range, […]

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TIANSE Silver PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm 1KG Spool Filament for 3D Printing, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm

Product Features Material: PLA – Color: Silver Weight: 1 KG (approximately 2.20 lbs) Spool 1.75mm Filament Diameter (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03mm) PLA (Polylactic Acid) 3D Printer Filament Vacuumed Sealed With Desiccant 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 2-Year Warranty and 24*7 customer support with technical advice Check Out Our Website For Details…

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