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NinjaTek 3DAR01129005 NinjaTek Armadillo TPU Filament, 3.00mm, Tpe,.5kg, Midnight (Black) (Pack of 1)

Tired of fragile 3D printed parts? Armadillo 3D printing filament is a perfect alternative to some of the most common rigid materials on the market. Armadillo filament is a high performing rigid material, providing 90% higher abrasion resistance than nylon materials. Its toughness ratings are superior to commonly used materials, 86 times greater than that of ABS. It is an excellent material to use for bridging, with virtually no warping issues. When you need a rigid product that can withstand wear and tear, the Armadillo resistance to […]

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AlexChelaruCreation 3D black bow tie by ACC- Unique design bowtie for men- Premium quality 3D printed bow tie- Original 3D bowtie for special occasions

Product description: It comes a time when a man has to dress with style, but that time can be every day. Maybe you are going to a wedding, to a business reception or to a casual meeting. No matter the reason, you really have to look outstanding. If you choose a bowtie over a tie, that says a lot about you. It means you like to stand out from the crowd and you love to make a difference when attending that special occasion. But what if you […]

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3D Printer Filament PLA 1.75mm, 1kg Spool (2.2lbs), 3D Printing Filament Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm, Easy to Print Material [Black]

3D Printer Filament Physics Attribute: Color:Black. Net weight:1kg / 2.2lbs. Printing temperature: 190-220°C. Outside diameter: 175mm. Packing: Net weight 1kg/ print wire rolls, a roll in a box (with a bag with a super thick desiccant, vacuum bag vacuum packaging), each box weight 1.33 kg. Characteristic: 1, 3D Printer filament is a rigid, tough, high performance material offering excellent clarity, light transmission and high gloss. 2, It also has no odour which allows easy printing indoors. It doesn’t warp and is recyclable making it better for the […]

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ShaperBee 7201 PLA 3D Printing Filament 1.75 mm, 1 kg Spool for 3D Printers, Dimensional Accuracy +/-0.03 mm, PLA, black

ShaperBee PLA 3D printing filament 1.75mm, black, 1kg spool for 3D printers, dimensional accuracy +/-0.03mm. Product Features Premium pla (polylactic acid) 3D filament, 1.75Mm diameter (0.03Mm accuracy) 2.2 lbs (1 kg) spool with 820 ft (250 m) of filament True bubble-free black color makes your prints beautiful and consistent Extruder/ nozzle temperature 180-210 deg Fahrenheit Backed by ShaperBee us-based service and five year warranty Check Out Our Website For Details…

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Hillside-kit Pen Nozzle for 3D Printing Pen 0.7mm Printer Head Part Replacement Integrated Inserted Design Easy Install Work for 1.75mm ABS/PLA (Black) (Pen Nozzle)

Hillside-kit 3D Printing Pen njector Head Nozzle For 2nd GenerationDescriptions :Used for 1.75mm ABS & PLA filamentHeating temperature: 70-80℃Nozzle Diameter: Approx. 0.7 mm / 0.28 “Nozzle Total Length: Approx 1.5cmMaterial :non-metal aerial materialColor : Black Package Includes :1 x Nozzle for 3D Printer Pen Note : Please check your original 3D Printer Pen Nozzle before placing the order. Please be sure the specifications above and its appearance are the same. Then it will meet your needs.  Product Features Integrated inserted design make this nozzle easier to be […]

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