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3d printer extruder cleaning kit 0.04mm, 10 pieces in a protective case and can be used on CNC Machines, micro milling or drill machines, drill presses, or hand held tools. 100% money back guarantee.

Is your 3D printer nozzle not working properly? Is it churning out lumpy, uneven prints, which in turn are negatively affecting the structures and shapes being created? If yes, then it is a definite sign that the nozzle of the 3D printer is clogged and needs to be cleaned immediately. These micro-drill bit nozzle cleaners are essential accessories that every 3D printer owner must buy as a part of their 3D printing kit. Affordable These nozzle head cleaners are available as a set of 10 pieces per […]

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Generic CNC 3020t Rouer 3 Axis Engraver Router Machine Wood / PCB High Quality Engraving Milling Drilling Device

Introduction: CNC3020 is suitble for Industry,Technology Research,Advertising Design,Arts Creation,Teaching,Student Project and Hobby Purposes.CNC3020 is a desktop CNC machine and designd for processing Industrial or Hobby Prototype Building, Building Model Making,PCB,Adverstising Signs,Artwork,Crafts,Aircraft Models,RC Model parts,etc.So,you can do engraving work at office or home. We provide 2 years free warranty. Technical Parameters: 1.Effective Working Travel:200(X)mm x 300(Y)mm x 50(Z)mm 2.Max.workpiece dimension:65mm 3.Work table dimension:200mm x 300mm 4.Carving speed:0 to 2000mm per min 5.Frame materials:aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061 6.Stepping motor type 57 two phases: 1.45-2A 7.Spindle motor:200w dc motor,used […]

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Gowe® 20*13ft 1.5kw spindle + 2.2kw VFD CNC Router CNC Machine Automatic Carving Machine CNC Engraver Drilling CNC Milling Machine CNC Drilling Cutting Machine

Machine dimension Depth( Y ) [mm] 900 Width( X )[mm] 690 Height( Z )[mm] 520 Max. working material dimension X[mm] 480 Y[mm] 840 Z[mm] ≤90(the distance between Z axis and the bottom of the working station) Effective working travel X[mm] 400 Y[mm] 600 Z[mm] 60 Water cooling spindle 1.5kw spindle + 2.2kw VFD Frequency 400HZ Speed 0-24000rpm Clamping diameter 6mm.6.35mm.3.175mm.3mm(standard configuration 3.175mm. 6mm) Cooling way Water cooling(we will supply the water pump) Driving unit X axis Brand new 1605 ball screw Y axis Brand new 1605 ball […]

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