TIANSE Silver PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm 1KG Spool Filament for 3D Printing, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm

Product Features

  • Material: PLA – Color: Silver
  • Weight: 1 KG (approximately 2.20 lbs) Spool
  • 1.75mm Filament Diameter (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03mm)
  • PLA (Polylactic Acid) 3D Printer Filament Vacuumed Sealed With Desiccant
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 2-Year Warranty and 24*7 customer support with technical advice

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Silver Color Aluminium Frame 3D Printer 6 Options DIY Prusa i3 3d Printer Kit +Hotbed +LCD Screen +10M Filament + 8GB SD Card

New Arrival A2 Silver Color Aluminium Frame 3D Printer
With Hot Bed +LCD Screen +10M Filament + 8GB SD Card
1.Parts and components for DIY, you have get a chance to assemble a 3D printer of your own now!
2.The plane can’t take lubricating oil,so we won’t send the lubricating oil,you can buy it in your local market,it’s very cheap.
1.All assembly units.(full kit as you choose as below)
a,2004 LCD screen 220*220*220mm print size
b,2004 LCD screen 220*270*220mm print size
c,12864 LCD screen 220*220*220mm print size
d,12864 LCD screen 220*270*220mm print size
e,Auto leveling with 2004 LCD screen 220*220*220mm print size
f,Auto leveling with 2004 LCD screen 220*270*220mm print size
2.10M filament(ABS or PLA random,color random,)
3. The default plug of power supply is in European standard.
4.All assemble tools.
5.8GB SD card (document and files & softwear in it)
3D Printer Tips:
If your cargo weighs up to 20KG or above, or you need larger quantity, please contact us or email to us; we will provide you new packing specifications, then try our best to save some transport costs for you; and so that the product price can be of some benefit to you!
About customs:
Any customs tax are the buyer’s responsibility,seller don’t bear the tariff.If you have any doubts about customs,please seek advice from your local customs office.

Product Features

  • Brand Name:Anet
  • Model Number:Anet A2
  • Metal Color:Silver
  • Gift:10M Filaments+Hotbed +8GB SD card +Tools
  • Print size(optional):220*220*220mm&220*270*220mm

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MorphPen ABS Filament 1.75mm Refill for 3D Printing Pen (160ft Silver)

MorphPen Premium 3D Pen Filament Refill ABS 1.75MM

Get outstanding 3D drawing results when you use 1.75mm ABS 3D Pen Filament Refill from MorphPen!

ABS is one of the most commonly used filament types in 3D printing. It has a high tensile strength and good overall toughness. It has a low density and is softer than PLA, which means lower weight and lower cost when printing large models.

This 160ft long ABS filament features a thickness of 1.75mm +/-0.05mm, with a roundness variation of only 0.02mm.


* Color: Silver
* Application: 3D Drawing Pen Filament
* Material Type: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
* Certification: ROHS
* Length: 160 ft
* Diameter: 1.75mm
* Working temperature 210 – 245 Celsius Degrees
* Stable melting point
* Packaging: Vacuum Package with moisture absorbing desiccants pack.
* High precision, uniform diameter and tolerance lower than +/-0.02mm
* Thickness and roundness factors are laser measured at the factory to ensure accuracy over the entire length of the filament.
* High tensile strength and impact resistance
* Low density
* Low shrinkage, no deformation
* Reduces nozzle clogging
* Multi-color options

Product Features

  • Filament Color: Silver
  • Diameter: 1.75mm, Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05mm
  • Total Length: 160 Feet
  • Extrusion Temperature: 210 – 245°C
  • Bonus EBOOK: Over 50 drawing stencils for 3D Printing Pen

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HATCHBOX 3D PLA-1KG1.75-SLV PLA 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm, Silver

Welcome to HATCHBOX 3D Products Our engineered filament is here to help you stream your creative outlet, enabling you to see your thoughts and concepts engineered into a real and rewarding reality. The filaments are universally designed and compatible with 3D Printers using 1.75mm diameter filament, with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.05mm.  PLA, or Polylactic Acid, is a commonly used thermoplastic material that does not require the use of a heated print bed. Blending a mixture of plant-based materials and polymers creates HATHCHBOX 3D Printer’s PLA, making this material more earth-friendly. Because of the lower melting temperatures and lack of warping, PLA filaments retain their color vibrancy and are a common choice for displays or small household prints. The 3D printed object will have a glossy type finish with we love it: Less warping Easy to use No heated bed required Eco-friendly.

Product Features

  • 1 KG (approximately 2.20 lbs) Spool
  • 1.75mm Filament Diameter (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm)
  • PLA (Polylactic Acid) 3D Printer Filament Vacuumed Sealed With Desiccant
  • Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature 180°C – 210°C (356°F – 410°F)
  • Spool Diameter: 7.88″ – Spool Width: 2.69″ – Spool Hub Hole Diameter: 2.20″

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Traditional Sexy Henna Temporary Flash Tattoo Kit for Beginners ● 180+ Pieces ● WaterProof Version ● Black, Gold, & Silver (Natasha)

The very latest jewelry-inspired metallic temporary tattoos for women, men, or even kids; who really want to stand out from the crowd.

✮ The Pool
✮ The Beach
✮ Festivals
✮ Parties
✮ Bachelorette Parties
✮ Concerts
✮ and more…

a) Thoroughly clean the area of the skin where it is to be applied, making sure it’s dry
b) Cut out your desired tattoo
d) Peel to reveal the sticky surface
e) Place sticky side face down on the skin
f) Using a warm damp cloth, hold firmly over the tattoo for 30 seconds, or wait until backing paper is fully soaked
g) Remove the backing paper and allow to dry without touching for 3 minutes

With proper application and care, your tattoos will last 4 to 6 days. But to ensure a long lasting use please avoid contact with oil based liquids such as sun cream, for maximum duration.

Apply baby oil or rubbing alcohol, rubbing gently into the tattoo until fully removed.

Product Features

  • ✔ WATERPROOF: Water & Sweat Resistant, Lasts 4-6 Days (Removes Easily with Oil)
  • ✔ EASY APPLICATION: Just Cut, Wet with a Damp Cloth, Apply and Peel Off Back
  • ✔ SAFE to USE: Non Toxic & Safe for All Skin Types
  • ✔ HUGE COLLECTION: 180+ Tattoos of the Very Latest Designs, Including Chevrons, Infinity Signs, etc
  • ✔ MULTI-PURPOSE: Use at the Beach, Pool, WaterPark, Party, Camping, Hiking, and More

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