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HE3D 1.75mm Titan Extruder Full Kit for FDM 3D Printer accessory bowden mounting bracket supporting remote/short printing

1 We have assembled the Titan extruder , you can install it with the motor directly2 This Titan extruder hotend driver feeder is for 1.75mm filament3 It is gear extruder Product Features 1 It is very light and compact. it can use lighter motor,any Bowden-type 3D printer can become a powerful, reliable little beast 2 t is easy to manually squeeze, remove, load and unload Filament 3 You only need a hex wrench, you will be able to within a minute to remove the Titan, regardless of […]

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Titan Premium PLA 3D Printer Filament (1.75mm), ±0.03mm Dimensional Accuracy, Splicer Sealed, Compatible with 3D Printing Pens and FDM Desktop Printers, 1kg Spool, Red

Professional-grade 3D printer filament makes every creative endeavor stronger and more beautiful. Whether you’re a student, engineer or artist looking to expand their medium, Titan 3D printer filament is crafted to help you take your innovative concepts and bring them into the world. Made with PLA bioplastic derived from corn, Titan 3D Printer Filament is made for every Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) on the market, giving you more range and versatility in the classroom, the office and with home 3D printers. Precision Filament Means Flawless Printing Boasting […]

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