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RexBeTi RBDC02 Electronic Digital Caliper Inch/Metric Conversion 0-6 Inch/150 mm Stainless Steel Rugged Body Gauge Micrometer, Perfect for 3D Printer, Woodworking, Hobby Measuring Tool

RexBeTi – A professional brand, Which only produce the BEST QUALITY tools to improve the quality of life What is a Great Caliper?● Quality Guarantee● Easy to use● Dead-on accurate and built to last● Heavy feeling and Smooth operation● Returns to zero every time● Save your time ( Inch/Metric Conversion )● Along with a solid protecting case RexBeTi Digital Caliper – A Precision Companion for Your Life Why Choose RexBeTi RBDC02 All Stainless Steel Digital Caliper● 2 Years Warranty, 30 Days money back Guarantee● Large and easy […]

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YXQ 8x120mm Cylinder 110V Cartridge Heater with String for 3D Printer Build Plate 500W 3 Pcs

Package content:3 x Cartridge Heater Product Features Cartridge heater can be inserted into drilled hole or liquid to heat the whole part. Max Insertion Deep: 120mm; Drilled Hole Minimum Diameter: 8mm 2 Wires Condition: 1 for hot side, 1 for nuetral. This cartridge mostly used for 3D printer build plate heating, easy using, Notice: The heater will be harder removed if the drilled hole smaller to 5mm diameter. Detailed Information available on our Homepage…

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Tevo Little Monster Delta 3D Printer Kit

3D Printer Universe has brought the Little Monster to the USA. Tevo brings a brand new product to their line of 3D Printer kits. The Tevo Little Monster is only little in name. This Delta printer kit boasts a large print volume of 340mm diameter and 500mm height. The Little Monster does not hold back on features either. It is the complete package with a glass-ceramic heated bed for faster bed heating times, auto leveling with the renowned BLTouch, a touch screen display for easy input, and […]

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Raise3D N2 Plus 3D Printer with Dual Extruder

THE RAISE3D N2 PLUS IS DESIGNED TO MEET THE NEEDS OF THE MOST DEMANDING USERS. When it comes to 3D printing, size actually does matter; If you need to build something that’s a foot wide, you can’t do it on printer that only prints ten inches. When it comes to large volume FDM printers, you can’t beat the RAISE3D universe – it’s large enough to print an actual universe in one pass. Okay, that’s a small exaggeration, but you’ll not find a better value in 3D printers […]

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OctagonStar Flexible Couplings 5mm to 8mm NEMA 17 Shaft for RepRap 3D Printer or CNC Machine(2PCS)

Flexible shaft couplers used in small CNC machines and 3D printers such as Prusa i3 or ORD Bot. Flex capability of the coupler removes stress when shafts are not aligned perfectly.Brand Listing,Item package or product surface have OctagonStar brand identity, If you buy is not OctagonStar brand product, You Can Apply for a Refund and Compensation. Product Features Flexibility of this coupler removes stress between motor and driving component. Compatible with NEMA 17 stepper motors (for 5mm to 8mm shaft diameter). Useful in RepRap 3D Printers and […]

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