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Soyan Universal 3D Pen Filaments, 82 Feet, 1.75mm Non-Toxic PLA 3D Printing Material (Black)

Soyan Universal 3D Pen Filaments, 82 Feet, 1.75mm Non-Toxic PLA 3D Printing Material Product Features Universal 1.75mm 3D printing filament, it’s compatible with most 1.75mm 3D Pens/3D Printers on market High Diameter Accuracy (+/-0.03mm) for smooth and easy printing Non-toxic PLA material, no unpleasant smell while printing Printing temperature: 356-410℉(180-210℃) 30-day money back guarantee Check Out Our Website For Details…

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Luxnwatts 3D Printer Parts Extension Cable Kit for Creality CR-10 Series 10S S4 S5 3D Printer

Welcome to order from Luxnwatts for Creality 3D Printer Parts This is Original Creality Extension Cable for CR-10 CR-10S S4 S5 3D Printer Package List 1Pcs Extension cable kit for CR-10 3D Printer Notice: Pls feel free to send us message if you have any questions or problem for our products, we will reply you within 24 hours. Thank you. Product Features It is Suitable for Upgrade Creality CR-10 Series 3D Printer It is about 1M Length 0.4kg Total Weight Good Package With Fast Delivery Visit The […]

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Melca 1.75 3D Printer Filament PLA 1kg +/- 0.03mm, Blue (#20214F)

Melca 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament 1 kg Hard PLA (polylactic acid) is for every 3D Printer who wants to create 3D masterpieces, but struggles to consistently find high quality filament. …STOP spending time and money on shoddy filament and start creating flawless prints the first time… every time. …REFUSE to suffer the defeat of yet another failed print! DELIVER the absolute best gems imaginable…on time. …GET quality, high-caliber filament without breaking the bank. …JUST PRINT IT ✮ ✮ ✮ Productivity, Skyrocketed! ✮ ✮ ✮ Stress, Annihilated! ✮ […]

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WAHHING 5pcs 6X20mm 1M 12V 40W Ceramic Cartridge Heater Wire For 3D Printer Reprap Prusa

Package Contents: 5 x Cartridge Heater Voltage: 12V  Nominal Power: 40 Watt Barrel Diameter: 0.236inch / 6mm Barrel Length: 0.79inch / 20mm wiring: 39inch / 1M Important Safety Guide ★Recommend Safe Working Temperature : <300°C ★Must pay attention to the Safe working temperature of the 3D printer’s consumable and accessories, May cause high temperature hazards!! PLA (190°C-230°C)ABS (230°C-250°C) Heater Block Cotton(<300°C) WARNING!! ►Keep away from children.►Please read your 3D printer manual carefully before installing and using it.►3D printer replacement parts, Always shut off power to the circuit […]

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3D Printing Adhesive, 8 oz. for Glass and Aluminum Beds, ABS and PLA Filament Friendly, Prevents Filament Warpage, Long Lasting and Easy to Use, Heat Activated

Filabond Adhesive was created for optimal ABS and PLA filament adhesion for glass and aluminum 3D printing beds. It’s heat activated, and lasts several prints before needing to be re-applied. The hotter your printing surface becomes, the better filabond works. Just apply a smooth, even layer to to your printing surface, and begin printing. It’s really that easy. Product Features Prevents warping of ABS and PLA filament Each application generally lasts between 6-12 prints Easy to apply and remove Biodegradable and does not have a strong odor […]

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