Haitronic 120pcs 20cm length Jumper Wires/dupont cable Multicolored(10 color) 40pin M to F, 40pin M to M, 40pin F to F for Breadboard/Arduino based/DIY/raspberry Pi 2 3/Robot Ribbon Cables Ki

We Haitronic are original Factory with traditonal wholesale distributors on various jumper wires, arduino wire connectors.

New released on Amazon only on Oct 7th 2016, although there are few reviews till now, we actually sold few hundreds of a month.

This 3 in 1 set Jumper wire is Durability Tested ULTRA USERFUL!

After you tear apart into individual cable, in total 120pcs cable, 10 different color do to multiful DIY electronic connection. Each axis has 20cm length, with 10 colors option(each color has 12 roots), and 3 various F2F, F2M, M2M pin, very convenient for Arduino/breadboard or other DIY connection, Maker experiment, engineers LAB testing, as well as can be soldering as you wish.



Ø Color: 10 options as shown in the pictures.

Ø Material: high-grade copper core.

Ø Each cable length: 20cm / 8-inch.

Ø 3 pieces of the 40pin breadboard jumper wires in one set together.

Ø Including one 40-pin male to female jumper wires, one 40-pin male to male jumper wires, one 40-pin female to female jumper wires.

Ø The male ends meant for insertion into standard 0.1 quot;(2.54mm) female sockets and the female ends are meant for insertion into standard 0.1 quot;(2.54mm) male headers.

Ø The cables can be separated into single root as you request to do multiple connection.

Ø Portable design, easy and safe to use.


What’s in Package:

* 1 x 20cm 40-pin Male to Female prototyping Jumper Wires Ribbon Cable

* 1 x 20cm 40-pin Male to Male prototyping Jumper Wires Ribbon Cable

* 1 x20cm 40-pin Female to Female prototype Jumper Wires Ribbon Cable

ØYour REVIEW is ULTRA PRECIOUS! we sincerely invite you share your review for this Multicolored BB Jumper Wires, MANY THANKS!

Product Features

  • 10 different colors, 120units copper cable in total, for making prototypes with arduino boards, stepper motor 3D printer etc, The combinations provide a jumper for whatever you need. Just peel off
  • Factory directly, 10 tiny copper wires inside of single jumper wire: high-level copper wire inside, durable for conductive connection.
  • 0.127mm, 36 AWG/ single root, 20cm(7.87inch)/axis; Standard 2.54mm headers and sockets.
  • Can be detached into120 single axis: 40 male-male, 40 male-female, 40 female-female.
  • Computers and smart phone maintainance, Various prototyping, such as Arduino/Maker/3D printer control board, DIY experiment needs frequently, If the terminals does not damaged it can be reused, if dam

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  • MontanaMonk

    The jumpers worked well for making prototypes with arduino boards …

  • Mike S.

    Very good If you are an electronics hobbyist or an EE major, and like and/or need to put together devices without soldering, these are great. They are pretty standard jumper wires but have the added benefit of having connector ends, both male/male, male/female and female/female so you can make any connection to a breadboard that you need to. They are much better than the jumper wires you would get with say a MyDaq board which just has each end of the wire stripped off to expose the metal. You will…

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