HESAI 3D Printer Kit Smart Parts LCD 12864 Display Monitor Motherboard Blue Screen Module for RAMPS 1.4 Controller Control Panel


This full graphic Smart Controller contains a SD-Card reader, an rotary encoder and a 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD display. You can easy connect it to your Ramps board using the “smart adapter” included. After connecting this panel to your Ramps you don’t need your pc any more, the Smart Controller supplies power for your SD card. Further more all actions like calibration, axes movements can be done by just using the rotary encoder on the Smart Controller. Print your 3D designs without PC, just with a g-code design stored on the SD card.

Package List:

1x LCD 12864 Smart Controller

1x Smart Adapter

2x FC Cable

Product Features

  • Using a large screen 12864LCD
  • With a SD card base on back, put slicing file into the SD card and select the file on the LCD, then can be printing
  • Product comes encoder parameter adjustment can be achieved, and the file selection print
  • Plug and play on the RAMPS, but need to modify the firmware to support

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  • J. Barchi

    Functional clone with some common problems This display works, but it suffers from the same problems as several other low-cost 12864 clones.First, the included cables are incorrectly keyed for use on RAMPS-compatible boards that include Exp1/Exp2 headers. Plugging in the included cables as keyed results in a non-functional display; you will need to cut/file off the connecter keys at one end so you can mate the connecters in the opposite polarity.Second, the encoder is wired ‘backwards’ from how Marlin expects it…

  • Geoff K.

    Works great, once you fix the connectors

  • Tom M.

    Great display

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