NOVIO 3D 106 Foldable 3D Printer / First In The World Anti Jam Technology / Changeable Nozzle and Upgradeable To Dual Nozzle Extruder/ High Definition 3D Printing / With Novio 3D CNC Transformer (106)

Product description

Software: AUTO-3DCreator
· Compatibility: Windows
· Print from SD card or PC
· Input file type: STL, Gcode

System requirements: 7,8&10(32/64 bit)
 2.RAM 4GB or more
 3.Display 1024*768 or higher pixel

Printed Materials:
1. Wood (Designated Extruder)
2. Flex Ninjaflex and Rubber any more (Designated Extruder)
3. HD Glass
4. PLA
5. ABS
Scope of Application:
0.4mm Using Wood , Flex Materials (Designated)
0.6mm , 0.8mm Best Using HDglass
0.2-1.0mm PLA ABS HDglass

– Single and Dual nozzle offsets calibration tutorial
– One-click connect (Software is automatically connected to the machine when ‘Connect’ button is pressed)
– Quick Print setting (Pre-defined setting for slicing the 3d object)
– Supports STL file
– Supports loading of single as well as multiple stl files
– Supports loading of objects designed for dual nozzle printing
– Includes rotate, scale, and auto-arrange of 3d objects
– Auto-detect nozzle size of extruders attached to the printer
– GCODE viewer and progress of currently printed layer
– Temperature graph for temperature update
 – Pause-resume printing function
 – Speed slider (indicates the safest maximum speed the user can use)
 – Can use opensource slicer
– Kill/Stop printing function
– Links to online video tutorials

Product Features

  • ★ NOVIO 3D Diamond XTR Extruder —First In The World Anti Jam Technology, High definition printing, 0.1 to 1.0 mm Nozzle tip sizes; Successful stable 3D printing in 0.1mm extruder (EXTRUDER : The extruder of a 3D printer is the part of the printer that does the actual printing. It controls the filament to be extruded to its nozzle printhead. Novio 3D printer uses Diamond XTR-Extruder technology that enables you to produce incredibly fine detailed prints.)
  • ★ NOVIO 3D Changeable Nozzle and Upgradeable to Dual Nozzle Extruder — Hot-swappable printheads to optimize print speed and print reliability. Just purchase the two nozzle kit (a left extruder and a right extruder) to turn your basic 3D printer into dual nozzle print head (a 0.4mm nozzle size left extruder and a 0.6mm nozzle size left are extruderincluded in the box)
  • ★ NOVIO 3D Creator Software and CNC Transformer Module Software—-Experience the most easy to use 3D Software and CNC Transformer module software that can turn your 3D printer into different CNC tools like Lathe and Laser Engraver.
  • ★ NOVIO 3D Minimalist Design and Low Maintenance ——- Transportable and inexpensive due to its foldable feature. Enjoy and experience a 3D printer with minimalistic design, accessible and convenient in style. Novio 3D printers are extremely long lasting with modular design that requires minimal maintenance.
  • ★ NOVIO 3D’s pre-configured print setting makes 3D printing easy for beginners. No need to learn advanced parameters. Novio3D CNC Transformer Modules allow transform your 3D printer into other optional CNC tools. All our 3D printers are the most affordable in their class. Open source access allows users to experiment in 3D printing and to satisfy all users’ needs. Novio 3D printers have quiet rail system and emits low odor because of burn hazard reduction technology.

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  • Anonymous

    I was looking for affordable 3D printers then I found Novio 3D! I just bought my own Model 106 Dual Nozzle and I was not disappointed with its usability. I was not really particular with the physical features but as long as I can get the most out of it, it will still be the best choice. I think Novio 3D is the most affordable professional 3D printer in its kind. When it first arrived right on my doorstep, I was so excited to use it. I carefully read the user’s manual and got to watch all…

  • Anonymous

    NOVIO 3D printer is second one I bought ,I was a bit hesitant to buy this 3D printer at this price point!BUT the ANTI-JAM Technology ,Diamond XTR Technology and the”” charming “”nozzle Design function (successful stable 0.1mm, easy to change nozzle and upgradeable to two nozzle) deeply attracted me. Becuse I know that Nozzle JAM is now the most common weakness of all 3D printers just like my first one . Finally I decided to buy this product! It…

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