Sintron] 3D Printer MK8 Extruder hotend 0.4mm Nozzle Latest Upgrade Print Head for 3D Printer Reprap Mendel MakerBot, Prusa i3 & rework (3D-MK8)


The extruder is almost the most important part for 3D printer, also the most difficult part to calibrate. we have made necessary design to prevent “jammed” problem. I can’t emphasize anymore how important this is, other sellers don’t have this and would cause many problems.


(1)The extrude is with thermistor sensor.
(2)Compatible with ABS and PLA 1.75mm.


While using with PLA filament, please always remember to keep the fan on, otherwise it might get jammed and ruin the hotend. PLA is more easier to get jammed, so it might require some patience to practice.
For ABS, we would also suggest to keep the fan on, as this is also better. also remember to purchase filament from good reputation seller, as the filament is very important!
( default for this is with 0.4mm nozzle, and suitable for 1.75mm filament )


(3)Motor Model:SL42STH40-1204A
(4)Nozzle Flow Rate:24cc / h
(5)Thermistor Tpye:NTC 100K 3950
(6)Sports Shaft Speed:10-100mm

Motor Parameters:

(2)Step Angle:1.8∘
(3)Rated Voltage:2.55 V
(4)Rated Current:1.7 A
(5)Phase Resistance:1.5Î
(6)Phase Resistance:2.3 mH
(7)Number of Lead Wire:10-100mm

Product Features

  • (1)We have made necessary design to prevent “jammed” problem.
  • (2)The extrude is with thermistor sensor.
  • (3)Compatible with ABS and PLA 1.75mm.
  • (4)We not just sell them, we also provide good after-sales service, so welcome to discuss with us, we will try to do technical support as much as we can.

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  • Anonymous

    Meh… Good motors though! I ordered 2 of these to compliment the one that came with their Kossel Mini kit. They work, but they’re not the best, and I’m not sure how adaptable the extruder is to a different drive gear.I use Tatsu v2’s in my other printers, and their power is second to none. The drive gears here are cylindrical without a hobb, while the idler bearing provides the groove to keep the filament in place. I feel this arrangement is less effective than a hobbed drive gear, as is evidenced by the…

  • Anonymous

    It worked. Well that’s interesting, It printed amazingly; I thought I was going to have to tear it down and re-bore/smooth out the inside.It was basically just a swap. The only bad part about this unit I would say would be to motor. The wires go directly into the unit and can’t be removed so if you need to remove the unit to clean you’ll have to dissemble the the front section to separate it from the motor if you have your motor cables wrapped up.I’ve had one instance where the thermal…

  • Anonymous

    … tiny mods and the right bracket made this a great fit on my MP Select Mini

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