(3 pack) NEMA 17 Steel & Rubber Stepper Motor Vibration Damper + M3 Screws – CNC, 3D Printer

These dampers reduce stepper motor noise and vibration. Excellent anti-vibration dampers for quiet stepper motors. Newly manufactured.

Product Features

  • (3) NEMA 17 motor dampers
  • (6) M3 5mm steel screws

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  • Abid Khan

    SShhhh…. Have installed 4 of these on 2 printers. Frankly, I don’t notice any difference good or bad. My printers came from the factory with 2 installed on the Z motors of each printer. So I installed on the X and Y axis motors of each printer.The shafts on my motors were barely long enough to have areas for the set screws to tighten on. They cause your motor and shaft to sit about 6mm farther back. They couldn’t be installed on my extruders because the motors have only a 3mm clearance with…

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