Laliva 3D Printer – Mini Big Current for 3dprinter Heatbed MKS MOS Module Exceed Update Heating Controller Hot Bed Power Expansion Board

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External high current module is a solution for power a large heatbed without  blow up the control board of your 3D printer.
Each module will doing a load test before delivery.
Superior performance of (60V/290A R(ds)1.8mΩ)
Appropriate heat dissipation
Compact size
Support 50V 20A upto 1000W
Control pin compatible with both aux pin and bed output
Power a big heat element without damage your expensive controlboard
Aply a second PSU same or higher voltage for your heat element
It can controlled by any aux pins from control board so you can save a  output to doing other things(need to change the heater pin in the firmware)
Please mind the anode and cathode of the connectors.
Plaese insure the wire of your circuits is big enough for handle such amonut  of current.
Do not tin the ends of the wire.
Preferably,use bootlace ferrules on the end of the wires.
Please make sure the screws of the  module terminals are tighten up to minimize the contact resistance otherwise the terminals will melt under lager current.
Working voltage:DC 10-50V
Working current:typical 20A up to 30A with coolingfan
1 X TL-miniMostfet module
1 X Control wire
4 X Nylon M3X6 HEX spacer
4 X Nylon M3 nuts
Item specifics:
Model number: miniMo

Product Features

  • Model number: mini
  • Item type: High Power Module