Raise3D 101017001 Pro2 Plus 3D Printer, Dual Extruder, Fully Enclosed

Born from the drive for absolute quality, the Pro2 Plus refines 3D printing for production grade environments. Upgrading and evolving traditional manufacturing.

Product Features

  • Dual extruder: electronic driven lifting; 4× increased torque performance; diverse filament compatibility (300℃)
  • Massive build volume (12 x 12 x 23.8 in); minimum 0.01Mm layer height
  • Filament sensor/ camera/ hepa filter
  • 7 inch
  • 32 bit motion control board

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  • Jennifer n Lindsay

    Such an Amazing Printer and An Amazing Company! I really love this Company First of all they are such an amazing company to work with and I feel like I can come to them directly when I have issues with my Printer. This Company cares a lot for their customers and wants the best for them.This printer is an Amazing Printer. Just the Large Build Volume would make me want to buy another one. The 12×12 Bed Volume allows for Large Prints. Working with the two feet built height is another great plus because you can get pretty amazing…

  • marc franz

    Great quality and big print Volume

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