Raise3D N2 Plus 3D Printer with Dual Extruder

THE RAISE3D N2 PLUS IS DESIGNED TO MEET THE NEEDS OF THE MOST DEMANDING USERS. When it comes to 3D printing, size actually does matter; If you need to build something that’s a foot wide, you can’t do it on printer that only prints ten inches. When it comes to large volume FDM printers, you can’t beat the RAISE3D universe – it’s large enough to print an actual universe in one pass. Okay, that’s a small exaggeration, but you’ll not find a better value in 3D printers in a size versus price comparison. Nothing even comes close. And this brings us to another of the RAISE3D’s strong points: You can print nearly anything with it. The free software has more tweak-able settings than any other slicer we’ve seen. Need to print your basic PLA and ABS materials? The included profiles turn it out as well as anything can; even the finest details are reproduced better than anything we’ve seen. Have some more exotic materials to work with? It can handle everything we’ve thrown at it, and with a hardened nozzle [a very affordable option] you can delve into the carbon fiber filaments and even more exotics. And the added bonus? You can get it with dual extruders to mix and match materials at will in the 12x12x24 build volume. Let’s not forget to mention the resume function in case of power loss. Okay, we just did.

Product Features

  • Best Overall Award in Make Magazine 2017 3D Printer Guide
  • Build Volume: 12in*12in*24in (305mm*305mm*610mm), 33% larger than Makerbot Z18!
  • All-metal hot-end up to 300℃, heat bed up to 110℃ and prints over 10 types of qualified filament
  • 7 inch touchscreen with easy-to-use GUI; Wi-Fi or Ethernet remote print job monitoring; Unique printing resume after power outage
  • Super rigid aluminum frame with dual ball-screw Z-axis; Fully enclosed print chamber

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  • Kindle Customer

    Sets a high bar I have the shorter version. It is rock solid and by far the best printer I’ve owned (and I’ve had a bunch…mostly dual extruders). The one thing that messes people up I suspect is the build plate needs to be clipped in place with 8 paper binder clips. They give you 4 clips. Once you secure the plate, this thing prints crazy smooth. The screw drives are 1/2 inch instead of the more common 1/4 inch. This makes for significantly less wobble. I was a little worried about the claim that it doesn’t…

  • Sally

    High print quality, Massive build volume, Great Support. Initially I struggled with this printer but after contacting their support team I quickly got things up and running. Hands down the best print quality of any printer I’ve seen, massive build volumes take restrictions off what you want to make. They have support unlike I’ve ever seen before. When you contact support they respond to your emails quickly (within the hour) and if you are watching you’re email they will have a live chat with you through email. So far I’ve managed to squeeze out a 35…

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