XYZprinting da Vinci mini 3D Printer

The DA Vinci mini is 30 percent smaller than DA Vinci Jr. 1.0 and has a 5.9 inch x 5.9 inch x 5.9 inch aluminum print bed for larger and finer prints.

Product Features

  • The DA Vinci mini streamlines its printing function through a single-button print design as well as providing different colored LEDs to indicate printing conditions
  • DA Vinci mini can connect wirelessly to your home network for easy 3D printing throughout your home, office, or classroom
  • Use xyzware to connect to your network and experience its updated slicing precision and computing efficiency, shortening the preparation time required before printing
  • The DA Vinci mini filaments are made using PLA plastics Derived from corn starch, making them biodegradable and non-toxic
  • XYZprinting provides free 3D design software xyzmaker, free XYZ 3D gallery, and free 3D printing Curriculum on XYZprinting steam

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