3d Printer Kossel Heatbed Delta Rostock 170mm Hexagon Heated Bed and 3d Printer Borosilicate Glass Board 3d Printer Accessories

Description of 3d heated bed:

Hexagon heated bed designed for RepRap Rostock, Kossel and any other delta 3D printers.

Proven performance achieves 100 deg.C at top plate surface in five minutes from cold start with standard configuration. Hand soldered 1K ohm resistor, brilliant red LED and Vishay SMD 100K thermistor, washed out flux residue, dried and power tested 100%.

Mesh copper pattern at the bottom side brings fast and equal heat up without dissipation.

Low expansion borosilicate glass is Suitable for Rostock delta several makes and models of 3D printers

Can handle continuous use at 350 degrees F

Extremely durable

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Perfectly flat surface, perfect for printing

Ground edges (No cut fingers)

Product Features

  • 170mm for kossel rostock
  • High quality heated bed
  • Perfectly flat surface
  • Ground edges

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