BuildTak BT30185 Spatula

Our newest addition to the BuildTak family, the BuildTak Spatula is a removal tool designed and developed specifically for 3D Printing. No more using a tool adapted from some other purpose. This awesome new tool features a stainless steel blade with a thin yet rigid front edge for getting under prints. The handle is ergonomic and uses a non-slip rubber grip.

Product Features

  • Durable handle with ergonomic rubber grip
  • Rigid stainless steel blade
  • Thin front edge for getting under the prints

Detailed Information available on our Homepage…


  • AMZNCust007

    Great potential, but falls short of being more than … Great potential, but falls short of being more than mediocre. Front edge is too thick out of the box, so be prepared to spend some time sanding/filing on it. Had I known this, I would have ran to the hardware store and just bought a drywall joint knife, which by the way has a better taper than this. The concept and handle location is great, but the thick edge renders it pointless. Never once saw or heard of this issue on any of the youtube videos I watched…***This is an update…

  • TopHATTwaffle

    The front “edge” is a joke

  • Gallery90

    Just Buy It!! This spatula has very good reviews — and for good reason. It is hands above any other tool I’ve tried to use — and especially for larger prints. The oddly shaped end gives you some options when you approach the edge of your model. Being long and already flat on the build surface, it allows you to slide and wiggle a bit to lift the model. I don’t do much hard shoving, since the round glass under my BuildTak surface is round (HatchBox Alpha printer) and only held with binder clips. My…

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