Inkbird Dual Stage Digital Temperature Controller Fahrenheit Thermostat with Sensor for 3D Printer,Freezer,Fridge,Hatching ect

Fahrenheit and Celsius Display Can Be Choose
Temperature Calibrating, Refrigerating control output delay protection
Control the Temperature by Setting the Temperature Set Value and the Difference Value
Alarm When Temperature Exceeds the Limit or When Sensor Error
2 Relays, Switch Between Cooling and Heating Modes

Technical Parameter:
Output: 2 Relays
Temperature Measuring Range: -50~210 oF / -50 oC-99 oC
Resolution: 0.1 oF / 0.1 oC
Accuracy: ±1 oF(-50 oF -160 oF)/ ±1 oC(-50 oC -70 oC) Power Supply: 110VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption: 3W
Sensor: NTC Sensor
Relay Contact Capacity: Cooling (10A/250VAC)/ Heating (10A/250VAC);
Ambient Temperature: 0 oC-60 oC
Storage Temperature: -30 oC-75 oC
Relative Humidity: 20-85% (No Condensate)

Package Content:
1x Temperature controller ITC 1000 110V
1x 7.87″ SENSOR
1x Muanal

Product Features

  • It does indeed read in deg F.
  • Can control both heating and cooling output
  • Has an alarm to indicate sensor failure or high temperature
  • Highly accurate and reliable temperature controller
  • Be more user friendly than the STC-1000

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  • Zupper

    Aquarium Heater Control I have a 36 gal aquarium with cichlids. My heater got stuck on the high setting so I bought this to turn it on and off. It was a lot cheaper then buying a new heater. Now it much better because I can set the EXACT temp range I want and when I walk past the tank at night, I can just take a quick glance to see all is well. Easy to set up and wire. Just don’t overthink it! I just use the heat relay obviously. I have the probe on the opposite end of the tank with good circulation and I have it set…

  • Ben

    Great STC-1000 Type Controller Full Disclosure – I was offered a discount on this product in exchange for an honest review.I purchased a back in April and have been very happy with its performance. I wired it into a small project box and hooked up my chest freezer to make a nice effective fermentation chamber.I have since picked up a…

  • Anonymous

    This unit can not be set in tenths of a degree for F (it can for C)….. it measures in tenths but you can not set alarms or difference values (DS) in tenths, so not very useful for precise applications when fahrenheit is preferred. More importantly, after three weeks of use I started getting problems in the LCD screen. The top has bars that will not go away and are brighter than the rest of the screen. Meaning numbers like 4 show up as a 9…1 looks like a 7. Pretty much indicative of…

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