3D BEST-Q Flexible TPU Complexion 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 1KG Spool, Skin

Welcome to 3D BEST-Q

Our company specializes in producing 3D printer filament,because of the focus so professional.Our motto is:nothing can be more important than quality,we try our best to do the best quality.

Why we focus on the quality?

Only the highest quality can meet our customers,and make every customer satisfied is our NO.1 mission.

Compare with most materials in market,our products advantage is its modified property.
1. This item was elastomeric:It can change the shape by an external force and restore when the force disappears.
2. High hardness and tenacity:The printed parts can be used directly,and print larger models perform well.
3. Appropriate adhesion: It is adhesive well between the layers.
4. High Compatibility:It suit a variety of FDM 3D printer,for example:Cube,makerbot and Mendel.
Sincerely hoping that you choose our products to start your colorful life!

Product Features

  • • Material: TPU – Color: Skin
  • • Weight: 1 KG (approximately 2.20 lbs) Spool
  • • 1.75mm Filament Diameter (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03mm)
  • • •Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature: 200°C – 220°C Base Plate/Print Bed Temperature: 50 – 80°C
  • •TPU is some kind of rubber, similar to the Flexible TPE but a bit harder than TPE. Our TPU hardness is very easy to print.

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  • C. Heartwell

    Stiff TPU. Prints great. Great color. I’m pretty sure I already reviewed this… maybe I was too harsh and it was not allowed :-/ I can do better this time since a few of the parameters have changed. I’m convinced this is a re-branded version of the same filament Priline sells as “complexion”. BEST-Q claimed this TPU was 85A-90A shore hardness (which is why I tried it). Priline says it’s 98A. After dozens of prints with both (cannot tell the difference in any way), I agree with the latter – on the spool it seems softer,…

  • G. Deeth

    Not as soft as I was hoping for but is really cheap and flexible Well this TPU is very cheap which is why I bought it. However I was hoping it was going to be a bit softer. It’s hard to judge the hardness with a number and people’s description of the numbers so you have to experience it for yourself. I believe this one was rated 95. It is definitely flexible though as long as the walls are not too thick. My first test print with the bed at 80 and nozzle at 210 came out okay but the nozzle was a little too warm for fine detail so I’d recommend 190-200…

  • G Corgi

    Four Stars

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