IC3D Black 3mm ABS 3D Printer Filament – 2.1lb Spool – Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm – Professional Grade 3D Printing Filament – MADE IN USA

IC3D ABS is the first and only Certified Open Source Hardware 3D printer filament. IC3D has published their filament production process which includes documentation on equipment used, settings and parameters, material grade, and sources. By choosing IC3D ABS you too can help support User Freedom in the 3D printing industry.

Product Features

  • Use abs filament when your 3D printed objects need to be strong, stiff, and flexible enough to resist breaking when stressed
  • Abs can also be post-processed easily, either by sealing and painting or through solvent-based methods
  • Hot end temperature range: 235-245°c
  • Print Surface Temperature: 95°C with PEI print surface

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  • Anonymous

    Excellent material that produces great prints I have printed with various materials and printers over the last several years. I purchased this filament for use with my Ultimaker 2. I find this filament to be the best I have tried to date, on both small (1/2″ or smaller) and large (8″ or greater) prints. Prints using a small layer height (.06mm) come out with exceptional detail, and a great finish. Draft prints done with a large layer height (.25mm), and at high speed (150mm/s), also come out great with good bonding between the…

  • Anonymous

    Surprisingly strong and consistent, from a brand I’ve never heard of To set the stage, I just purchased a Lulzbot Mini 3D printer (my first). I’m no newbie to 3D modeling, but 3D printing is new for me. I’ve been researching it for a week and I finally dove in head first. So, I purchased several different vendor’s filaments to kind of “test the gamut”. I’ll give my review of the ones I’ve used so far, so others don’t have to learn the hard way:After having printed half a spindle on both IC3D and Verbatim, I found the following:…

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