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SainSmart LCD Smart controller 12864 Version Ramps 1.4 With LED control for 3D Printer,RepRap,Mendel and Arduino UNO R3 Mega

Added a small function which is LED backgroud light control circuit to smart controller , with shorting the pins to decide the LED turn on all the time or turn on 30 seconds and than turn off automaticly.IF you used to start the printing jobs at night and get the parts at the next morning , that means with the new modification LCD back light will not annoying you any more ,you can make the time of light turn on longer or shorter by adjust the TRIMM […]

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SainSmart Ramps 1.4 + A4988 + Mega2560 R3 + Endstop + MK2B + Cooler Fan Kit for RepRap 3D Printer Arduino Mega2560 UNO R3

This SainSmart 3D Printer Kit with hundreds of Arduino projects is invented by SainSmart for Arduino lovers. This Kit is recommended for the beginners who are interested in leaning the basics of Arduino programming as well as the experts in Programming. Components are included in the kit to get you started making your own Arduino Projects. What’s more, a PDF Tutorial Instruction Manual will be provided for you to download, which can definitely give you a full into to Arduino programming as well how to use each […]

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SainSmart Ramps 1.4 + A4988 + MK2B + Mega2560 R3 + LCD 12864 3D Printer Controller Kit for 3D Printers RepRap

This is the new SainSmart 3D Printer Starter Kit, developed specially for those beginners who are interested in 3D printer. You will have a complete set of Sainsmart’s most common and useful electronic components. You may learn about Sainsmart through using these basic projects. Sainsmart RAMPS 1.4 is a Mega Pololu Shield, or RAMPS for short,designed to fit the entire electronics needed for a RepRap in one small package for low cost. RAMPS interfaces an Arduino Mega with the powerful Arduino MEGA platform and has plenty room […]

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Octave Tool Kit A for 3D Printer

5 versatile cutting Tools Used for removing plastic and wood raft and support. It is found very useful for Afinia, Reprap, MakerBot, UP!, PrintrBot, MakerGear, Solidoodle, Ultimaker, and other 3D printers users. Used for neatly removing ABS and PLA raft and supports. 5 shapes for working on a variety of corners and curves. Works with all 3D printer ABS and PLA plastic models. Long lasting hardened steel blades. Comfortable grip handle. Product Features Used for neatly removing ABS and PLA raft and supports 5 shapes for working […]

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