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MonkeyJack PEI Sheet 3D-Printer Build Surface Polyetherimide Ultem for PLA ABS HIPS 220×220 0.5mm

Description: – Billed as the ultimate build surface for your 3D printer, Polyetherimide (PEI) is a virtually maintenance free platform on which to turn your designs into reality. – The PEI sheet is suited to use with ABS (heated bed,) PLA (heated or non-heated,) PVA or HIPS and requires no support rafts as parts adhere directly to the surface without a problem. – It is an amorphous high-performance polymer with high mechanical efficiency and excellent thermal resistance, chemical stability, high dimensional stability and creep strength. – PEI […]

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Laliva 3D Printer – Mini Big Current for 3dprinter Heatbed MKS MOS Module Exceed Update Heating Controller Hot Bed Power Expansion Board

If you need to send DHL/federate/EMS,please contact us.We need to discuss the freight with you.The DFORCE has always been concerned about product quality.We are developing products and working hard to improve the quality.We will not abandon our reputation because of many cheap products on the market.It is believed that only high quality products can ensure the quality of your work and bring safety to your work. Some of our products may be more expensive than others,but please believe in our quality and believe that you will not […]

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FOR-Arduino Arduino Kits, LDTR-YJ015 3Dprinter Limit Switch Impact SwitchMicroswitch Sensitive SwitchSmart Car Robot Accessories5pcs

Please choose correct model and size before ordering.LDTR-YJ015 3Dprinter Limit Switch Impact SwitchMicroswitch Sensitive SwitchSmart Car Robot Accessories5pcs 3-Pin Mini Micro Switch w/ Push Button – Black (5-Piece Pack) – Color: Black + White – Material: PA66 – Current: 2A – Voltage: 125V – 3 Pin type with lever actuator – Micro Switch widely used in the fields of electronic product / computer mouse / instrument and meter / household appliance etc. – Contains 5 pieces per packItem ships from CHINA. delivery time 15-25 days. Product Features […]

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Laliva 3D Printer – Lead Screw 8mm (100/150/250/280/300/320/330/350/400/450/500 mm) 3DPrinter Parts Trapezoidal Screws Copper Nuts Leadscrew 3D Part – (Size: 320mm-Nut)

Welcome to our store, Have a nice day! Package list: 1x Lead screw 1x Brass nut Technical Specifications: Item Features: 3D Printer lead screw with nut Lead screw diameter : 8mm Pitch=2mm,Lead=8mm (Nut turn a circle move 8mm) (Pitch refers to the spacing between threads.Lead refers to the rotation of the nut after a circle.) Length : 100mm 150mm 200mm 250mm 280mm 300mm 320mm 330mm 350mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 600mm Mainly used for stepper motor driving guide rail. T shape design,make of high quality stainless steel material. […]

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