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Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer (3D Printing/CNC Carving/Laser Engraving), All-Metal Build, Entry-Level Digital Fabrication Tool, Easy to Use Software, Free PLA Filament, Upgraded Version

Basic Specs FRAME MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloys FILE TRANSFER: USB Disk, USB cable POWER REQUIREMENT: 100 – 240V AC SUPPORTED OS: macOS, Windows COLOR TOUCHSCREEN: 3.5″ 3D Printing BUILD VOLUME: 125 x 125 x 125mm (4.9″ x 4.9″ x 4.9″) SUPPORTED MATERIALS: Non-proprietary 1.75 mm PLA, ABS, etc. NONSUPPORTED MATERIALS: Alumide, graphite, etc. LAYER RESOLUTION: 50 – 300 microns PRINT HEAD TRAVEL SPEED: Up to 100 mm/s NOZZLE DIAMETER: 0.4 mm NOZZLE TEMPERATURE: Up to 250°C HEATED BED: Up to 80°C SUPPORTED FILE TYPES: STL, OBJ SOFTWARE: Snapmaker3D. […]

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Finerplan Engraving Machine Smoothieboard 5X V1.1 Mainboard Part for 3D Printer

Feature:Smoothieboard is an Open-Source Hardware CNC controller designed by the Smoothie community to run the Smoothieware firmware.Its main design goals are:Uses as powerful hardware as possible at the timeCan control several machine types ( 3D printers, lasers, CNC mills/routers )Easy to setup and useEasy to do weird, new and exciting things withEasy to develop forThis page is for v1, the first version of the Smoothieboard hardware. Microcontroller:The board uses the LPC1769 microcontroller, an ARM Cortex-M3 chip :32-bit architecture120Mhz frequency512kB ROM ( program space )64kB RAM ( execution […]

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Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer – Fast, Simple, Beautiful Custom Wood, Leather, Craft, DIY, and Hobby Laser Cutting & Engraving On Your Desktop

Make magical things at the push of a button. What if you could sketch a design, then turn it into something real you could actually use? What if you could print things you wanted, needed, or just dreamed up on your desk, instead of relying on factories half a world away? Meet Glowforge. It uses a beam of light the width of a human hair to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials. There’s a lot you can do with that kind of power: […]

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KINGPRINT Coupling for 3D Printer Accessories CNC Engraving Machines DIY Aluminum Coupling 5mm to 8mm for 3D Printer(Pack of 5pcs)

Specifications: Color: Bule Aaterial: Aluminum Size: 5*8MM Usege: 3D printer CNC engraving machines High: 25mm outer diameter : 14mm inner diameter: 5 and 8mm Package Included: 5* Blue Aluminum Coupling 1*Wrench Visit The Website For More Information…

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Meterk Laser Engraver Printer 1500mW Portable Household Art Craft DIY Mini Engraving Printing USB Wireless Bluetooth4.0 for IOS/Android/ Windows PC with Alloy Shell Frame

Do you want to be the life of the artist, Unrestrained Imagination? you can also record your story through the laser engraving machine, leaving the eraser can not wipe the traces. you can made your unique design as a gift to anyone you want to send. NOTE: 1.Overload use will shorten the life of the bald head, it is recommended that bald work for half an hour to rest for 5 minutes2.The machine is powered by 5V USB charger, the USB can’t be inserted into the computer’s […]

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