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5pcs 3D Printer accessories for E3D V6 all-metal Bowden Hotend Heatbreak Feeding Tube for 1.75mm filament

Specifications: Inner hole 2mm; radiating end threaded M7; heated end M6; total length : 22.4mm; Material: 316F / stainless steel; Scope: E3D-V6 long distance wire; Features: Tail part: 4.2mm hole, wearing Φ4 × 2 Teflon tube, reducing friction with the wire during the heat pipe wall. Application: Only for E3D V6 Bowden Hotend 1.75mm Filament supplies. Product Features Material:316F/stainless steel application:3d printing Detailed Information available on our Homepage…

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KOTVTM 2 Meters PTFE Teflon Remote Nozzle Feeding Pipe 1.75mm Filament And PC4-M6 push-in fitting Suitable For 3D Printer V6

Colour: White This product corrosion resistant, good insulation, high temperature resistance, not easy ageing. Temperature Range: -190 – 260C 2 x PC4-M6 push to connect tubing For 4mm OD Tube with M6x1 Threads. Works great for:3D Printer V6 PTFE Tube as used for feeding 1.75mm filament in many 3D Printers. Suitable for Metal J-head V6 Hotend 1.75mm Filament 0.4mm Extruder 3D Printer with 1 Meter Tubing Package included: 1 x 2 Meter PTFE/teflon tube. 2 x PC4-M6 push to connect tubing For 4mm OD Tube with M6x1 […]

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3D printer accessories 26 tooth feed gear feeding wire feeding wheel brass special extrusion wheel gear

Size: 11mm*11mm, (inner hole: 5mm, gear position: 7mm):Material: CopperWeight: 4GSpecific data: two M3 threadsGear outer diameter: 11mmNumber of teeth: 26 teeth3D printer suitable for makerb OT or 1.75mm printer Product Features High quality products Usually 10 to 16 days to arrive. High quality after-sales service Detailed Information available on our Homepage…

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Dlibuy 2 Meters 4mm OD x 2mm ID PTFE Teflon Tubing (6.6ft Thermal Barrier Tube / Remote Nozzle Feeding Pipe) for 1.75 mm filament 3D Printer Hot End Bowden Extruder

Item Name: Dlibuy Teflon PTFE tube Color: Milky White Size: ID 2mm, OD 4mm Working Temperature Range: -190 to 260 degrees centigrade Excellent Corrosion Resistance Be able to withstand in strong oxidizing agent, reducing agent, organic solvent and almost all acid (except molten alkali metals, fluoride medium and 300 degrees centigrade sodium hydroxide). Extremely Strong Insulation Not affected by the environment and frequency. The volume resistance up to 1018 ohm/cm. Small dielectric loss, and high breakdown voltage. Excellent Work Stability Almost unaffected by temperature changes (from -190 […]

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