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muxiao Motherboard Touch Screen 3D Printing 3.5IPS LCD Motherboard Kit Printer Parts Exquisite Lerdge-X Printer

Quality craftsmanship is only for bringing you high quality products. Careful design is different from ordinary designs on the market. We are also very selective about materials, so our products are very affordable. Our products are of good quality and products can be closely connected and maximized. This kit comes with a 3.5-screen display and can be connected to multiple models of drives. Specification:Motherboard model: Lerdge-XMicroprocessor: STM32F407Drive model: Lv8729Input voltage: 8V~3VPower interface: ATX high current interfaceMotor driver: A498/DRV8825/LV8729/TMC2100/ external large motor drivePrint head temperature sensor type: 100K […]

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